May 13th, 2023
im getting in2 the wswing of making things for myself again. im triying not 2 overwhelm myself like i always do this time. i know its a high but ill ride it until it gives out i think. i started working on a visual novel a few days ago and i made this today
Feb 6th, 2023
oops! got lazy !! im not gonna do more of those anytime soon i dont think, so consider that "batch one" of daily bun i guess even tho it barely lasted LOL!! im back to do some updates to the site though!! :) hopefully i'll use it more in the coming days, for stuff unrelated to the daily buns. gonna work on adding more pages now, not sure what theyll be yet, and generally making the site Busier with More Stuff to See
Dec 6th, 2022
im too tired to do anything more than this. i barely slept and i just finished working on some other thing so i dont feel like staying up even longer for this lol. im planning on making a button for this page sometime soon
Dec 5th, 2022
less than a day left until the thing ive been waiting for all year
Dec 4th, 2022
late and todays piece fucking sucks but deal w it
Dec 3rd, 2022
read umineko. i think its funny how different all of these look so far
Dec 2nd, 2022
fashionably late. went for a certain style with this one, i think i pulled it off ok.
Dec 1st, 2022
Nov 30th, 2022
less than a week left until dwarf fortress, p hype. here is daily bun 1. expect another tomorrow.
Nov 30th, 2022
"I am born again."